Our Company Values

Where Passion Meets Excellence!

Our mission is to offer every single family the opportunity to discover and buy premium products without having to spend a small fortune. We haveset the bar high from the get-go and believe in creating a revolutionary alternative that allows you to find superior-quality products at affordable prices. After all, our goal is to put a smile on your face!

A Little Of Our Story

Ambitious and aspiring

Created by a group of ambitious and aspiring e-commerce experts in Singapore, Tudi is a rapidly-emerging and innovative brand that is committed to bringing you premium products at competitive prices!

Why? Because we want to give everyone the opportunity to afford premium products without having to spend a small fortune. After all, your satisfaction is more important than profit.

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Why Choose Tudi?

Superior-Quality, Ultra-Competitive and Stellar Customer Service

Superior-Quality Products–every single Tudi product, from baby accessories to clothes and toys, undergoes rigorous testing in order to exceed even your highest expectations.

Ultra-Competitive Prices–we want you to feel empowered again and that’s why we strive to maintain our prices at a super-competitive level.

Stellar Customer Service–rest assured that our friendly, honest and professional customer happiness specialists will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.